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Tailor-made metalwork for artists, heroes and visionaries


Over the years we have been asked to undertake unique and challenging projects for a wide variety of clients and we have always accepted however difficult they appeared to be.

We have built high level ariel assault courses over ice rinks, sculptures perched on top of high rise buildings, as well as two tiger enclosures for Edinburgh and Twycross Zoos.

Working alongside expert design teams and visionaries our own team of designers and detailers compile working drawings that our highly skilled workforce create using glass, metal and steel. The results are unique.

Our Projects

The following are just a small sample of the many projects – that we have successfully delivered:

Sculptures – Edinburgh and London

Artists – Phyllida Barlow and Nathan Coley

Both artists were introduced to us though Tim Hetherington at AED Ltd who believed we were capable of these undertakings.

Working alongside both artists and AED we were able to fabricate their visions and building a mock-up of the sculptures allowed both artists to view and be given the opportunity to tweak their designs before been transported to their sites for installation.

Sumatran Tiger Enclosures

Edinburgh and Twycross Zoo’s

Due to our wide ranging skill set within Icon both these projects allowed us to undertake not only the fencing work but also the glass viewing tunnels by combining our fencing skills alongside our fabrication expertise.

Overseen by our fencing management team we successfully designed and installed different fencing designs for each of the zoos who had different aesthetic requirements and visions. Twycross Zoo wanted timber fence poles rather than metal, which due to the height and strength requirements meant shipping eucalyptus tree poles from South Africa.

The unique glass viewing tunnels allowing the public to walk through the middle of the tiger enclosures allowed the fabrication division to assist in the design of the glass and metal frames which were built in our workshop in segments before been transported and installed on site.

Ariel Assault Courses (Hi Rides) – Dubai & Scotland

Client: Ariel Adventures

Having initially built a high level assault track in Dubai we were then asked by the same client to build 2 more in the UK, both suspended from existing roof structures in shopping centres, one above an ice rink in East Kilbride and the other over the main entrance to The Livingston Centre.

All were unique in design and track layout and all were pre built to ensure the track fitted before transporting to site which allowed the installation working at high level to run smoothly.

We were also asked to construct a large climbing frame structure which has been installed on the mezzanine floor at The Livingston Centre.