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Our Projects

Icon Fabrications produces high quality metal balconies for a wide variety of residential new build developments.

Adding a touch of individuality and high-end luxury to any apartment block or town house, our balconies are practical for the builder, too: we work with developers from an early stage to design a suitable steel frame, before adding the finishing glass or wood and installing the pre-fabricated balcony on the construction site.

Some of our balconies are fitted to the building for support, and must therefore be assembled on and attached on-site. But Icon Fabrications can also build free standing balcony systems for blocks of flats, which can be delivered whole and ready to use!

The following projects illustrate our capabilities:

Portobello New Build, Edinburgh: Prefabricated but attached

Balconies were always going to be a major selling point for this premium beachfront development. We worked with the builder to design these spacious terraces, and then built as far as possible in our Edinburgh workshop.

The components were then transported to the site on our own fleet of lorries and installed by our expert fitters using our own cranes. This ensures there are no delays and Icon Fabrications can always meet the deadlines it agrees to.

These fitted balconies are a fine finishing touch which defines the development visually, and allows residents to enjoy magnificent views over the Firth of Forth.

Woodcraft Residential Development, Edinburgh: Free-standing balconies

Our work on this luxury new housing development showcases Icon Fabrications’ system of pre-fabricating balconies with their own supporting structure. This allows a far greater proportion of the work to be carried out in the factory, which is both cost effective and fast.

Once we’d assisted in the design work, drawing on our substantial expertise in delivering metal balconies to large-scale new build projects, we built them in their entirety at out workshop. Beautifully finished, these balconies were simply transported to the site and erected.

Offering the additional living space, luxury and design flair of a bespoke balcony could not be simpler: developers can rely on Icon Fabrications.