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iCON Fabrication
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Balconies, Staircases, Industrial Metalwork and Bespoke Projects

iCON Fabrications specialises in the design, manufacture and installation a wide variety of metalwork features, whether they be ornamental, structural, or both. We work with housing developers, commercial property developers, manufacturers and the energy sector – among many others – to provide high quality metalwork that is elegant, functional and durable.

Design and Delivery

iCON Fabrications has the experience and expertise to advise architects and help with the design phase of a project, ensuring you get the best possible value and capability from your metalwork. We also have our own fleet of lorries and cranes, so we not only manufacture balconies, walkways, frames and staircases at our Edinburgh workshop, we deliver and install them ourselves. That ensures we can be highly efficient and meet tight deadlines with confidence. You can trust Icon Fabrications to deliver.

Metalwork Redtrees


In our experience the design for each component such as a staircase or balustrade is generally designed from scratch and there is little repetition so we are consulted by the design teams at an early stage to discuss the detail of each component and how it is to integrate with other trades and interfaces.

Metalwork Residential Shrubhill


Whilst we have now migrated away from residential dwellings a large proportion of our work consists of providing metalwork staircases, balustrading and balconies to large residential and mixed use developments.

Metalwork Industrial Skye


iCON Fabrications is proud to deliver all kinds of industrial metalwork to our customers: from waste treatment plants to power stations, factories to fish farms, we always deliver the highest quality work with a minimum of disruption.