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A symbol of beauty and strength

Glass Structures

Glass and Steel

Working with glass was a natural progression for Icon Fabrications: we have built so many frames for large windows, plate glass and canopies that it was a simple step to offer full structures as well.

The majority of glass structures rely on an element of supporting metalwork so both these trades dovetail together seamlessly at Icon, using our workshop facilities and experienced operatives who can work with both materials. Our purpose built facilities also allow for a dedicated trial assembly area where certain structures can be pre-assembled prior to delivery to site, reducing installation time on site. This allows us to assemble in factory conditions rather than site conditions which improves quality and reduces health and safety risks on site.

Our attention to detail, in house drawing team and experienced operatives ensure we offer a ‘one stop shop’ from design to completion to produce and install glass structures to the highest standard.

Ultimate strength: Edinburgh Zoo Tiger Enclosure

Icon Fabrications can be confident of the strength and integrity of its glass structures because at Edinburgh Zoo, our work gets put to the ultimate test: we built a glass tunnel for the tiger enclosure. This now very popular attraction means that our handiwork is all that sits between visiting families and some of the world’s most fearsome predators.

The tunnel was built in sections of several glass panels attached to the steelwork in our workshop. Our installation team then assembled the whole structure on-site in a short period of time. So successful has our tiger tunnel proved, that we have since completed a similar order from another zoo!

UK-wide Glass Installation

Our installation teams operate throughout the UK and all have the relevant health and safety qualifications to work in any environment and operate all mechanical equipment required to install any glass structure.